What We Care For!

Bringing Dreams within Reach for Immigrants

Immigrants are just as likely today to get ahead in the U.S. as those a century ago, when most immigrants came from Italy, Ireland and other European countries, according to new economic research. Today’s immigrant youth are also more likely to achieve the American Dream than their U.S.-born peers, the study found.

California Immigrants Resource center is at the core of enabling that for all immigrants.


The Keys to a New Future for Immigrants

Today’s immigrants are better educated than those of 50 years ago. Compared with their counterparts of 50 years ago, a larger share of recent immigrants in 2013 had a high school diploma, a college degree or an advanced degree, and a smaller share had less than a ninth-grade education. Compared with U.S.-born adults, recent arrivals are less likely to have finished high school, but they are more likely to have completed college or to hold an advanced degree.

Partnering for a better life in California

We Are a Nonprofit assisting immigrants  to accelerate their integration into California communities by providing them the resources and information they need to focus on rebuilding their lives while holding on to their cultural values for well being.

We recognize that America was and continues to be a dynamic and diverse country drawing from cultures around the world. The American dream is available for those willing to seek out opportunities and to rise to the challenges of risks in pursuit of their happiness and well being in a fulfilling life. The mass media shows lots of stories of immigrants overcoming hurdles, big and small, to contribute to the American way of life.


Finding a New Life—in a New Land

It takes courage, determination, and hope to travel hundreds or thousands of miles and start a new life in an unfamiliar country

A great way to help new immigrants realize that they’re not alone in their struggles — and to build empathy among the people in their neighborhoods — is to share stories about the lives and experiences of immigrants both past and present. 

Our Principles

Respect for the U.S. Constitution and all its civil rights afforded the people, including, and especially immigrants, residing in the United States of America.  Respect and advocacy of human diversity and striving for liberty that has made the United States of America a beacon for others throughout the world seeking freedom and democracy. Integrity in the way we operate the Center and the way we advocate and support immigrants. Empower the immigrants in taking charge and lead their new life as productive members of society. Embrace the community and collaborate with other nonprofit to offer a complete program for the immigrants.

Bringing Dreams within Reach

Immigration to the United States has occurred in waves, but the factors that drive people to move here have remained more or less the same. Back in the days, the American dream meant to have safety, freedom, and opportunity. It had a lot to do with ethics and morality in general. Ask immigrants why they came to America and you would be told hundreds of different stories. But the majority of these stories usually boil down one common need; the need to feel safe and the need to have the freedom and opportunity to be somebody.

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What We Do with our programs

— We Provide Resources

We  provide information  in the form of guides, articles, and  referral services to help immigrants to establish a new in life California and the U.S.

— We Mentor

Our team of volunteers ranging from interns to senior professionals assist immigrants through their settlement journey and their challenges of moving to a new place, learning a new language, and finding employment.

— We Empower

Immigrants Toward  Employment Success: We  prepare immigrants with the skills necessary to secure employment  and promote an inclusive environment that supports the hiring of immigrants as a reliable labor force in our community.

— We Educate

We host seminars, workshops,  that cover important topics like English as a second language,  live discussions featuring guest speakers from various industries and fields. These discussions span topics like immigration policy, diversity and inclusion.

— We Partner

Partner with other non-profit organizations and corporation to provide a complete foundation.


— We Advocate

Work with various immigration agencies and associations  to answer any immigration questions or offer any assistance.